Aprilia RS250 for sale

About the Aprilia RS250
It is time for an era in this household to pass. Zina and I have been racing for three years and have greatly enjoyed our RS250s. They have sublime handling and their modest power doesn't punish hamfisted input to the throttle. Both of our remaining RS250s are 1998 or 1999 "Challenge" models, which means they share the common 1998+ specification, which includes the following (which would differ from pre 1998 bikes):
  • Showa 41mm usd forks with compression and rebound damping adjustment as well as spring preload adjustment.
  • Suzuki RGV250 Gamma engine
  • Suspension designed for the longer shock
  • easily accessed oil injection tank and coolant overflow tank
  • 3.5" x 17 front wheel, can fit 120/60 ~ 120/70 section tire
  • 4.5" x 17" rear wheel, can fit 150~165 rear tire
  • 60~65 hp
  • Approximate 300 pound weight

CA registered RS250
The "street" Aprilia RS250 is a "Challenge" model that has been converted. I added one "hot" wire from the voltage regulator and routed it to an auxiliary fuse block. The entire "street" wiring can be easily removed from the bike. The tailsection is a carbon one piece unit with the tail light cutout in it. The front fairings are Aprilia OEM imported from the UK. They are used, but in great condition. The pictures show Bridgestone racing slicks; I have new Michelin Pilot Road tires for it, ready to be mounted. This bike was originally purchased because Zina's original RS250 seemed slow and this bike had the Biganski work done to it. Well, as we got the bike into the garage, we found the issues with Zina's RS250 and then this bike started being used for parts.


This bike's engine has case porting by Steve Biganski but will be tuned to OEM specs to maximize reliability and will have OEM pistons and OEM "challenge" exhausts. We used the Biganski crank originally from this bike to put in Zina's racebike (which is now sold). The engine is currently disassembled. When built, the engine will have been completely gone through. The crank was used for only one outing but is rebuilt and trued to near zero tolerance by Kevin Murray of MCE Racing. The bike is complete but as mentioned, currently disassembled.

$5000 is the going rate for good condition race bikes but not for street registered RS250s. I'll take $7000 for it as is and will consider offers over $9000 for it once running. Even before California's ban on all new registrations of non-EPA bikes, street plated RS250s were worth $10,000+.

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667 Race bike:
(the above is the pic of my bike right after we got it)

    General race prep done to our team bikes:
  • Arrow pipes
  • Slightly leaner than stock jetting for use at willow
  • TZ250 "race" spark plugs
  • I use a lathe to shave a little material off the bottom of the cylinders to achieve .055" of squish in the combustion chamber. this was to mimic the setup of the current 667 bike. No other engine tuning tricks are required.
  • Quick Disconnect fuel coupling to allow the fuel to be absolutely shut off
  • Use of a stud to ease seat installation
  • Zero Gravity windscreen
  • Penske rear shock
  • Yuasa YTX4L sealed battery
  • Battery tender (comes with the bike)
  • Shift lights currently set at 11,500
  • Bikes are safety wired as per rules at WSMC
  • These are racebikes, so not everything is cosmetically perfect but i will not tolerate anything unreliable or a safety issue
  • VM520 O-ring chain. this trades a slight power loss for long term reliability and increased safety
  • Slider/spools for R6 are mounted on swingarm
  • Recently repacked mufflers on both bikes
  • Vesrah RJL sintered brake pads. more power than Ferodo cp911 or ST, and less power than Ferodo XR racing. RJL seem real good for willow's big track on the RS250.
  • Custom, hand machined, Ti rear axle nuts to allow use of same size socket as front axle (30mm) as well as the use of safety pin instead of safety wiring.
  • Front end of bikes equipped with custom machined caliper bolts and axle pinch screws to accommodate the use of safety pins.
  • No safety wire required to change wheels. I would charge $300 to perform these mods for customer bikes
  • Woodcraft rearsets
  • Vortex clipons

    Stats specific to this bike (in addition to above list):
  • ~6060 miles
  • This bike has dyno'd as high as 64.9 hp on the L&L dyno at Willow Springs (2500 feet elevation)
  • Has 14/41 gearing... my fastest lap times were with 14/41 gearing
  • Forks have Race Tech .80 springs and Gold Valves in them
  • Shock has 480 # spring (?)
  • The bike is set up for 180~220 pound rider
  • Frame and swingarm professionally polished by first owner the animated pic shows how much it brightens up. pics taken when engine removed to install new crank: http://www.ducatitech.com/tmp/polish.gif This pic also shows the Ti rear axle nut with safety pin.
  • This bike was track day bike, then WSMC novice racer's bike, then it came to our family.
  • Zina rode this bike when it was new to us (this is the "pretty one") and then lowsided on cold tires on the right (willow turn 4, Nov 2001) and then left (willow turn 5, Dec 2001). Now we use tire warmers. Always.
  • We bought it and it was cherry.
  • The fuel tank originally from Cory West's bike had a crack that I repaired. It started leaking, so I bought a used tank off a guy. It's got some interesting red paint on it, but it holds fuel.
  • Installed brand new crankshaft in the bike that Kevin Murray of MCE Racing trued from .003" down to .0001". spec from aprilia is .001". note that the new, out of box crank was at 3 times the spec.

This bike has gotten me several race wins and almost countless podium finishes. I have gotten 2nd in the solo lites championships twice (racing against SV650s). This bike (and the occasional guest ride on Zina's bike) got me 2nd in the WSMC Aprilia Challenge class in 2002 and I clenched the 2003 championship with 2 rounds remaining.

With the new crank and fresh top end, I am wanting $5400 for this bike. Note that the work listed above represents thousands of dollars of racing R&D that does not come with a "new" bike.

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