oh hi - we're not here any more

The BBS here started losing activity when the former WSMC got an official website with forums. We kinda became the gossip site then. Then WSMC ceased operations and all activity on this site ceased. The last post was Sun Aug 4, 2013.

This site was hosted by California Cycleworks and the BBS was administered by Chris Kelley in his "spare" time. Thankfully Dust-bin and a few other Willow Springs enthusiasts stepped up to help with moderation. And perpetual thanks to Jay at APE racing for bugging me every year to make banner ads happen so he could help. Sorry for never putting in the work to make banners happen. :P

Thanks for stopping by.
- Chris

California Cycleworks

California Cycleworks is a company that specializes in creating aftermarket parts for motorcycles. Specifically, parts to help mechanics and customers solve multi-thousand dollar problems where everyone loses. Like throttle shaft seals so you don't need to buy new $2500 throttle bodies for your 1998 Ducati ST2 that's worth $4000 on a good day. Or a replacement throttle position sensor (TPS) that costs only $61 for the Ducati 1098 and 999 Superbikes so you don't have to buy a $2500 throttle body set. You get the trend.

Chris is still the aggro overly-anal & OCD psycho, too, so that hasn't changed. He even built from scratch an automated test bench to make sure those TPSs are the best parts money can buy.

California Cycleworks specializes in fuel injection parts:
If your bike's fuel pump costs $300 or more, please let us know and we'll make a replacement happen.
European dirtbikes like Husqvarna, Husaberg, KTM, and Aprilia were experiencing premature fuel pump failures so we developed a heavy duty fuel pump that lets people ride in confidence!

Still have need for speed?

Track Daz is going strong as ever! Give Dustin some grief for not making me come to the track enough!
And there's a Willow Springs Raceway official site. They have an events link, too.

Thu Jan 2, 2014