SS vs CR

Ducati 900SS/SP and 900SS/CR
What about the new Supersport?

What's the difference?

  SP 1995 and older CR 1996 and up CRs
Rear rim width: 5.5" 4.5" 4.5"
Fairing: Full Half Half
Front Brakes: Cast iron,
full floating
Stainless floating Stainless floating
Rear Brake: Floating,
(uses tie rod)
(uses bracket and swingarm bolt)
(uses bracket and swingarm bolt)
Front forks: Showa, 3 way adjustable Showa, no adjustments Marzocchi, non-adjustable, Non rebuildable
You can put in heavier springs and oil.
Rear Shock: Showa, 3 way adjustable Showa, 3 way adjustable Boge
Front tire: 120/70-17 120/60-17 120/60-17
Rear tire: 170/60-17 160/70-17 160/70-17
Max rear tire fitment: 180/55-17
(190 with removal of inner fender)
170/60-17 170/60-17
Rear swingarm: Aluminum Steel Steel
Front fender: Carbon fiber
(clutch cover, too)
Color matched ABS Color matched ABS

Notice that I went through some great lengths to point out the non-rebuildable forks on the 1996 and newer CRs. Friends don't let friends buy 1996 and newer CRs. You can't put RACE TECH gold valves in them to fix their feeble damping. You can't clean out the valving internals in them the way you can every other motorcycle on earth. Eerily enough, imprinted on the forks which I installed heavier rate springs were the words "750SS" on one and "600SS" on the other -- on the same motorcycle! You can change the oil seals, but you cannot remove the cartridge to properly clean it or to revalve it. Lame.

The above is a pretty harsh statement... if you read this after you purchased your CR, don't worry. Do the R-T springs and oil and live with it. Unless you're Ricky Racer and really haul butt in the canyons, etc, you'll be OK.

Why was I putting heavier rate springs in a 1996 and newer CR? It is the exact mod that a popular bike magazine did to try to stop it from bottoming easily. This customer's 900CR was ridden heavily on Palomar Mountain and the owner hated how it pogoed when braking for the turns.

What else? Over the years, I've noticed some subtle improvements to the Ducati 900 Supersport model line. All info tid-bits are "as far as I know"...

OK, I'll start mentioning the "new" SS

I hope these observations help a bit!