Monster FAQ

The look with the power, too The Ducati Monster is one heck of a bike. It's a great bike to ride, is a Ducati - with the legendary stable handling and vee twin power combined with a unique style that others will copy but never truly replicate. Monsters are kind of a Ducati parts "grap bag" catch-all. Some have good forks, others don't. Recall that whenever possible, adjustable forks are desired. =)

The Monster came to the US in 1994 and were an immediate hit. The M750 came here in 1998.


Overall, the Monster has an 851/888 frame and rear suspension with a Supersport front end and the air cooled 2V motor. Over the time that Ducati has made the Monster, a lot of wierd stuff has happened as far as changing the level of specifications with suspension componentry and engines. So if you desire an adjustable suspension or will not tolerate the Marzocchi non-rebuildable forks, there is no rule or chart to consult. You'll have to actually look at the bike. Some years had the base models with aluminum swingarms, others didn't. Some years, the S model had an Ohlins shock, other don't. Same deal with the full floating Brembo cast iron rotors on the front wheel. Always remember: the Monster is a parts bin special, there is no matrix as to which models or years get what level of componentry.